Draw a Thanksgiving Feast!

Draw a Thanksgiving Feast!

Hi awesome artists!

Thanksgiving comes once a year. Some of us get to see family or friends on Thanksgiving, and eat special food! Let’s draw some great Thanksgiving dishes. Follow the easy steps below to draw an apple pie, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and bread!

Thanksgiving is a great time to “give thanks.” What are you thankful for? 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


easy steps to draw Thanksgiving feast for children

how to draw a Thanksgiving feast

Draw a Cute Sleeping Kitty!

Draw a Cute Sleeping Kitty!

Hi Peewees! Do you like cats and kittens? Let’s draw a sleeping kitty!

Cat’s sleep most of the day—12 to 16 hours! Some older cats will even sleep longer. Do you think cats dream? What do you think cats would dream about?

Follow the easy steps below to draw a sleeping kitty. Where is your kitty sleeping? On a couch? In the cat condo? This one is sleeping outside, in the grass among the flowers, on a nice summer day!


how to draw a sleeping kitty

How to Draw a Cute Polar Bear!

How to Draw a Cute Polar Bear!

Let’s draw a polar bear sitting in the snow. We will start with an egg shape!

Polar bears like the snow and ice, and they are great swimmers! Baby polar bears, called cubs, stay with their mothers for 2 years learning how to be on their own.

Follow the easy steps below to draw a polar bear. Since polar bears are white, and your paper is white, you can color a blue sky behind the polar bear so it shows up. You can also use gray to color a shadow beneath the polar bear sitting on the white snow. 

easy steps to draw a cute polar bear

how to draw a polar bear

Draw baby birds in a nest! Tweet tweet!

Draw baby birds in a nest! Tweet tweet!

Hi Peewees! Have you ever seen a bird nest? Little baby birds live in them until they are big enough to fly. They tweet and chirp and keep each other warm while their parents are away getting food.

There are three babies in this nest, but you can have as many as you like. What color are your baby birds?

step by step easy how to draw baby bird

how to draw baby birds in a nest