Free Step-by-Step Drawing for Kids!

How to Draw a Cute Polar Bear!

Let's draw a polar bear sitting in the snow. We will start with an egg shape!Polar bears like the snow and ice, and they are great swimmers! Baby polar bears, called cubs, stay with their mothers for 2 years learning how to be on their own.Follow the easy...

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It’s Easy to Draw a Frog!

It's easy to draw a frog, Peewees. Would you like to try? Croak like a frog if you would! Follow the steps below and draw your frog. Remember, no two frogs are the same. Every creature, and every person, is unique. So your frog does not have to look...

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Who Loves to Draw Dinosaurs?

Everybody loves to draw dinosaurs—especially Peewees! The easy steps below will show you how. Dinosaurs can be any color you like. And it's really fun to make cool patterns on the dino's skin—you can make spots or stripes or anything you want. Some...

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Draw a Cute Bunny!

Let's draw a bunny Peewees! Bunnies don't walk, they hippity-hop around. And sometimes when they are surprised, they pop straight up in the air! Follow the easy steps below and draw a cute bunny. Bunnies love to eat veggies. What kind of veggies do you...

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Draw a Cute Monster!

Monsters are always fun to draw! The best part about drawing monsters is you can make them anything you want them to be. It's all up to you! Follow the steps below and draw this cute one-eyed monster. Then see what other kinds of monsters you can dream up....

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It’s Time to Draw a Snack!

What do you like to have for a snack, Peewees? Let's draw a few delicious foods we like to eat when we are hungry. Can you think of more yummy snacks to draw? How about a banana? Do you like sunflower seeds? Or perhaps you like to eat peanut butter and...

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Draw a Cuddly Puppy!

It's pawsitively poochy Peewees! Go fetch your pencils and crayons, because we are going to draw the cuddliest little canine cuties. You love puppies, don't you? Well, puppies love you, too. Follow the eleven (11) steps below to complete your puppy...

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Draw a Vampire Bat!

It's time to bring out the bats because Halloween is coming! Trick or treat, dressing up in costumes, eating candy eyeballs, and drawing your favorite Halloween characters are all part of the fun. Follow the easy steps below to create your very own vampire...

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Learn to draw the easy way with award-winning author, artist, and illustrator, Diana Fisher

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