Diana Fisher

Award-Winning Author, Artist, and Illustrator

five star ratingThese books are incredible! My children love them and are creating such wonderful pictures with such confidence. —Amazon Review

Diana Fisher is an expert at breaking down drawing into simple steps anyone can follow. The hundreds of 5-star reviews from buyers (see a sampling below) for Diana’s how-to-draw books are testament to her ability to teach and reach children. Before her publishing career, Diana taught art to emotionally challenged teenagers and wrote a groundbreaking program based on “no failure.” Her students excelled and as a group won honors in the Very Special Art Awards.

Parents are increasingly concerned about the quality of education. The public school system has cut programs thought to be unnecessary such as art. This is unfortunate as:

• Not all children learn in the same way.

• Both hemispheres of the brain and their functions are integral to overall intelligence and awareness.

Diana is committed to nurturing creativity in children. Her whole-brain approach, designed around the ubiquitous interest children have in drawing, fills the void left by our challenged educational system and ignites a new awareness of the value of creativity in brain development.

More reviews for Diana Fisher’s how-to-draw books:

five star rating

Wow! I am so happy with these books! . . . When I got home I ordered additional books from this series and some extras to use as gifts. —Amazon Review

five star ratingDarling Drawing Book ! . . . absolutely top notch. —Amazon Review

five star ratingAll of the books in this series are amazing and this one is no exception. My son’s confidence in art has soared as a result of these books. His artwork is incredible and he loves to draw! I’m even moving past stick figures! A great, great purchase. You can’t go wrong! —Amazon Review

five star ratingMy Grandson loved this book. He was very excited after he used it for a few minutes and he had made a picture. —Amazon Review

five star ratingAwesome! I love this whole series of drawing books for young kids. —Amazon Review

five star ratingThis is a great book for beginners (ages 4-6) who want to learn to draw. . . . Great for building confidence! —Amazon Review

five star ratingGreat fun. Our daughter loves to draw the pictures in this book. —Amazon Review

five star ratingI got this book for my 6 year-old nephew for Christmas this past year. . . . He loved it instantly. —Amazon Review

five star ratingJust what I thought it’d be!! This is just perfect for my grandchildren—who visit often—and I love to have interesting and fun activities for them to be entertained with—not just cartoons—and this book was perfect. —Amazon Review

five star ratingPerfect. This book is perfect for beginning drawing. It’s easy enough that my daughter doesn’t get annoyed trying. —Amazon Review

five star ratingMy kids, ages 5 and 7, both love this whole series. The step by step drawn instructions are very easy to follow and the results are impressive! My kids are very satisfied with their drawing when they use this book. —Amazon Review

five star ratingFacebook post: The girls love, love, love the fairy book! [My daughter] ignored a cartoon to keep looking at it so I think that’s high praise! —R. S., Tucson, AZ